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Welcome to Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Chiefs Crocodile Pond is one of the Mysteries of the world, and is one of the protected areas which is well known tourist attraction in the Upper East Region of Ghana.The Chief Crocodile Pond is one of the best sites where you cannot but to agree to come to terms the beauty of nature where man relates with one of the most unpredictable species on earth.

Amazing Experiences Here!

Crocodiles abound in Paga. Held sacred by the people of Paga, the crocodiles can take refuge in any body of water in the town. However, there are three ponds which are operated as tourists sites. These are the Chiefs Pond, Zenga Pond and Nania Pond.
Chiefs Pond: It is the most visited pond due to its strategic location. It is located by the main road between Navrongo and Burkina Faso. The chiefs pond is about 2 square kilometers in size and serves as a home for many crocodiles. The Pond is a natural one which was expanded through the initiation of the Chief. Through communal labour, the pond was hand dug to expand its ability to retain more water for domestic and animal use. The pond was fenced and has since been introducing visitors to the crocodiles since 1970’s.

The pond has over decades maintained a cordial relationship with neighboring communities, Ghana Toursim Board and other development partners. Majority of the people in Paga and its environs have their livelihood as farming and other income generating activities.


Zenga Pond: It is the second oldest crocodile pond in Paga and provides another great experience for tourist to see and interact with the crocodiles.
Nania Pond: It is populated mostly by younger crocodiles which are less apt to be called out for visitors.

It is true that the Paga crocodiles are harmless and can even be called out of the water for visitors. Paga people believe they have special connections to these crocodiles. They believe there is mutual respect between them and crocodiles. They taboo killing or eating the crocodiles. Based on the strong connection they have with the crocodiles, they coexist with the reptiles without any casualties. The people are able to go and fetch water as well as fish or swim in the pond without being harmed by these crocodiles.

In calling the crocodiles out of the water, there is a procedure usually conducted by the pond attendant.  With the sound of a chicken and a whistling sound produced by the pond attendant, the crocodiles creep out of the water to the shore. At the shore people can touch or sit on them for pictures or personal satisfaction.

“Here you will discover nature, culture and tradition. Crocodiles in Paga are sacred as it is believed they have ancestral and spiritual linkage as they saved their great ancestors. The crocodiles which have always protected their ancestors still provide the same protection for them hence no one is seen killing or harming a crocodile and vice versa.”

– Tourist/Traveller

We Say Come and See the Wonders of Nature!

A Brief History of the Paga Crocodile Pond

Watch and listen to the story about the mysterious Paga crocodiles: how they originated, how they are being cared for and why they are harmless up-to-date.

Support from The French Embassy & Link Ghana

The French Embassy and Link Ghana, long-standing partners of Paga Crocodile Pond extending a helping hand to enable the pond serve its mission and objectives.

Meet the Current Chief of Paga

Awampaga is now the Chief (Pio) of the Paga Traditional Area. The people of Paga are grateful to their founder and strong lineage of leaders. The current chief has brought pride to Paga with his election as the President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs for two terms.

Front View of Paga Crocodile Pond

A look at the Paga Crocodile Pond from the front view. Passing through the main entrance, you enter the Paga Crocodile Pond. To provide better value to tourists and vistors, it has been fenced and protected. The crocodiles are also well-cared and nurtured to serve tourists and visitors.

Explore Paga Crocodile Pond

What you cannot forget about the Paga Chiefs Crocodile Pond is that, you will enjoy the best ever interaction 
with the West African Crocodiles, where you will be able to get close to and have a personal feel and touch with the Crocodiles
that have lived with humans for decades. You will surely have a feel of good eco-system, rich culture and tradition.

Why Crocodiles Are Sacred In Paga

The history of the crocodiles of Paga Nave (Nah-Vey), Paga’s Patriarch and founder goes back more than a dozen generation to “Tempela” and “Kampala” in the present day Burkina Faso and begins with Nave’s father Prince Panlogo.
Upon his father’s death, Panlogo contested for the position of Pio (Chief) but lost to his younger brother. Dissatisfied with this turn of events, Panlogo left his home land. He travelled with his sympathizers to the land of Tampela. While moving, the people who appointed his brother tried to capture him by given him a hot chase on horseback.

Panlogo and his followers came to a big river with no means of crossing the water. In the midst of their desperation, Panlogo and his people saw a crocodile by the water.
Panlogo’s peoples believed the Spirits of their ancestors resided in crocodiles. Sensing this was not ordinary crocodiles, Panlogo approached the crocodile and pleaded for help to cross the river. The crocodile carried Panlogo across the river. In return for saving his life, Panlogo swore that neither he nor any of his descendant should kill crocodile or eat its flesh. The crocodiles in Paga therefore became sacred.

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